The Sex Appeal of Geek Marketers

Okay, I admit it. I’m a geek. But I know I’m sexy. Okay, well maybe in that way a nerdy revolutionary is sexy.

I’ve been doing accountable marketing the past 15 years. Up until now most of the brand marketers I knew would sit at the other end of table obsessing over font styles and headline colors, feigning boredom when I’d pull up my hockey puck proof of performance. My friends and I in the ‘geek squad’ who’ve been practicing this discipline our entire careers know that we’re more than just pretty graphs and mind-bending spreadsheets. Our stuff has impact. And not just on home page visits and sales, but on the brand, and customer and employee satisfaction. Like Larry Ellison said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”Ooh, measurable and manageable, now that’s hot!

Well, now that everything seems measurable the crowd I’ve been hanging with is suddenly popular.  It’s kind of like going to your high school reunion and realizing that geek you kept trying to avoid in chemistry class is now super rich and has aged very, very well.

Thanks to economic factors, and the penetration of more measureable media (thank you internet), there’s no longer an excuse for any marketing effort to go unmeasured and unaccounted for. Hooray for that!

Okay, so you admit it. You think geeks are sexy too. You can be one. Just hang out here and I’ll share some secrets that will make your CEO leap with joy and your team feel like they can finally hold their heads up high and prove that marketing actually does more than pick out fancy water bottles from the tchatchka catalogue.

No matter what you’re trying to do, whether it’s create a new accountable marketing practice for your organization, or evaluate the success of your current efforts, this blog is for you.  I’ll break down common myths, and introduce you to the critical components of an ROI-based approach including: “New Measures of Success”; “Creating and Calibrating an Accountable Communications Mix”; “Collecting the Data That Matters”; “Dashboards That Eliminate Guess Work”; “Holding Your Vendors Accountable for Results.”

If you’ve got some of your own ideas, feel free to share. Sharing is good. I’m looking forward to seeing ya’ll around here.

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