It’s Change Time

Welcome to the post trust economy. Consumer values are shifting fast. A crumbling economic system, civic unrest, climate change, and ongoing global health crises are accelerating the disruption of our unstable world. Brands are nervous. Consumers are realizing the power is in their hands to change things as they begin to come to grips with their values. Values like justice, community, connection, and planetary care, are coming to the forefront while materialism is losing ground. More and more, consumers are holding brands accountable for ethics, integrity, community well being, and truth. In this post-trust world, business can be a force for transformation when it is grounded in the purpose to serve our world and in tune with emerging consumer values.

What the world really needs from marketing now is the ability to forge the connections with evolving consumers necessary for business to thrive through change. Marketers can lead the way to to help organizations lean into the role that business plays in creating the world we want to live in. 

I am a growth strategist, change artist, talent activator, and omni-channel alchemist. I work at the intersection of communications, digital transformation, and human potential. Following 25 years in tech marketing, I now focus on the transformations in culture and business necessary to sustain life on planet earth.

My training in mindfulness, futures, systems,  and design thinking techniques gives me a unique ability to help brands and their teams operate from a place of connection and resonance, fostering continuous transformation while activating brands in a way that is ethical, sustainable, and supports thriving for all stakeholders.

I see change as opportunity and my journey has placed me at the forefront of the accelerating digital age starting out as a young marketer launching a number of foundational technologies and programs that form the basis for what is possible today. My leadership experience and skills have come through roles in top organizations such as McCann Worldgroup, FCB, and eBay Enterprise. I have had the opportunity to lead digital transformation strategies and marketing programs that drive growth for global Fortune 100 clients like Microsoft, LG, Facebook, and eBay. I have also worked in and advised early and late-stage startups to maximize growth velocity and scale up marketing success.

As a multi-dimensional human, I seek to connect with and understand others at the deepest levels. My own growth, and that of those I touch, means everything to me. In 2019, I trained as a Death Doulah to more deeply embrace the skills necessary to integrate death and loss as a critical and sacred part of our entire process. Who knew those skills would come in handy on such a global scale in 2020?

Let’s put business back into service of humanity and the planet.

One thought on “It’s Change Time

  1. Jolie

    Enjoyed reading about your impressive career accomplishments! You have always and continue to amaze and delight me! So glad we are back in touch. (Great corporate head shot, by the way!)

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