Big Girl Branding. A Marketing Heroine With Balls. #BlogIn5

Yes you girl, you’re the first. Not because you embody the perfect marketing blogger with soul and are my inspiration, but because you get it, you do it, and you make it look sexy. Oh, and you had the perfect blog post about your favorite bloggers. It was almost like you heard my call and answered before I sent the SOS. You’re also a supermom so that makes you a bit of a saint in my book. We should do a high five with our halos.

Check it out. Her taste in blogs is pretty out there and fun. I love The Middle Finger Project.

So there my fine readers, I have enriched your life by showing you something you might not have found without me out there digging it out for you. And thanks to Cori Padgett for finding it first.

4 minutes and 10 seconds…

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