Dear Inner Monologue, Please Shut Up and Let Me Get on With it.

Is that inner monologue eating you up? Does the sense of “esprit d’escalier” plague you with the things you wish you’d thought to say the last time you encountered an ex-lover, current boss, or irritating friend? Many of us chatter to ourselves all the time coming up with great point/counterpoint dialogue to hash through past conflict as a way to cope and soothe our ego. The other day my daughter pointed out that I talk to myself a lot. “What are you saying?” she asked. “It’s not just what I’m saying,” I replied, “It’s who I’m saying it to.” “So who are you talking to?” she said. “They sound interesting.” I soft pedalled the issue by telling her I was processing things at work and in my relationships that were more complicated than I would like them to be. My big words seemed to appease her and let her know that it was just something that adults do. Ah to be a child again with uncomplicated relationships and an in-the-moment perspective.

Such passionate and powerful inner dialogue is a basis for stress and from my standpoint, intense creativity hence my desire for Posterous to have a “blog from brain” option. But, as my Uncle Millard pointed out, “You really don’t want people watching that many of thoughts.” He’s a wise man.

There are many schools of thought about inner dialogue. Many of us spend years in therapy processing those truly one-sided conversations that we take so seriously. But I think a little inner dialogue is good as long as we remember it’s really a monologue. I look at it for what it is, a way of finding out how I really feel about things rather than a rehearsal for that moment when I finally get to have my say.

Today I got an interesting new Twitter follower @LettersINsend. Their mantra “Giving an audience to your inner monologue.”

The blog provides a way to get things off your chest by posting anonymous letters you’d not likely to send. Conveniently I had a letter all written up and sitting on my computer awaiting either a drunken moment where I’d lost all sense of self respect, my memoirs, or this. So, I did the safe thing and posted it. (I’m not telling you the topic or the intent but I will tell you it was sweet and NOT angry.) I admit I felt lighter after wards. The topics seem to be mostly about love but I think there’s room for all sorts of things. Will be interesting to see it round out.

Check it out and submit something. It’s actually quite fun and a great way to express yourself without the risk of relationship fall out.

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